most of my postings tend to be on mondays.

interesting times

I still feel ridden by bugs. This is possibly caused by my crashing out after gardening yesterday, sleeping until 1am, and then spending the morning hours until 0500 coughing + reading the new pratchett paperback. Two more hours sleep and thence hot-showering myself into consciousness and into work for a meeting to be informed of the shortlist. I was hoping to observe the meteor shower on sunday morning; no such luck – however, I saw it at its peak a few years ago, fireballs scorching the sky, and the memory of these pleasant events will comfort me for some considerable time.


well, my 7-dvd compilation of carl sagan’s “cosmos” arrived today… it will be a wrench not to be up until the wee hours watching it all. now i just have to work out why i got hit with 40 quid import duty.

unexpected pleasures

an amazing weekend.

friday night, i was looking at two days of gardening and a degree of boredom; chatting on irc with telsa we mused at not having seen each other for months, and thus i ended up with a sudden invitation to see telsa and alan in swansea. checking my answer-machine the next morning, i further discovered an previously missed invite to a fireworks party in malvern for the sunday night.

therefore i went from nothing, to a jam-packed weekend of interesting events in the space of 12hrs flat.

saturday morning was a rush of gardening and housework, making the place fit for visitor habitation and for a future garden-waste-dumpster-skip episode. then (1) sling telescope into car, (2) grab sleeping-bag, (3) grab whisky and wine and (4) grab change of clothes, followed by (5) a rapid drive up the m4 to swansea.

we – me, telsa and alan – talked hacking, gossip, linux, food, cooking, trips to australia, icelandic booze, amusing canadians, and a pile of other chitchat, ate good food, and listened to weird music until 0200, whence to bed in the top-floor spare room with ensuite fridge and futon.

slept-in the next morning, more chat and a bout of concerted scone-making made a pleasant and entertaining start to the day.

drove hence to my sister’s place in droitwich, lunch, swapped plans for a visit to canada next year, her new car, and absconded to the parents. tea and browsed dad’s colonial-era memoirs. jumped in the car towards dinner, and drove to chris and donna’s place in malvern.

food, interesting people and fireworks++. i got to be “range safety officer” knocking-out all the expended fireworks to a safe location (long pole at arms length) and lighting the way for chris (who was setting them off). we had a box of “normal sized” ones, followed by a huge skyrocket and a fountain of commercial-show dimensions. the last two thundered off the hills and must have been heard two miles away. ended the evening, unsticking the car of one of chris’s colleagues frm the mud outside the house.

finally made it home at midnight. all in all, a most unexpected time, and very pleasurable too, seeing old friends.


This is so *weird*. It is so *quiet*. It’s like my favourite soap-opera suddenly being on hiatus… I shall have to fill-in. Steve came down at the weekend, which was lovely of him because I was sick, at home, and bored stiff. We had a nice chat, watched a fun, mindless DVD, and time passed amusingly until Sunday morning. Sunday evening was spent witht the FIPR bods ( see: ) talking about all manner of interesting civil-rights-type stuff.

Channelling Zippy

Th’ MIND is the Pizza Palace of th’ SOUL

Why do you say that?


What makes you believe were these parsnips correctly marinated in taco sauce?

Is a tattoo real, like a curb or a battleship? Or are we suffering in Safeway?

Maybe your plans have something to do with this.

Do you have exactly what I want in a plaid poindexter bar bat??

I don’t understand.

BARRY.. That was the most HEART-WARMING rendition of “I DID IT MY WAY” I’ve ever heard!!

Is it because of your life that you are going through all this?

It’s a lot of fun being alive… I wonder if my bed is made?!?