This is so *weird*. It is so *quiet*. It’s like my favourite soap-opera suddenly being on hiatus… I shall have to fill-in. Steve came down at the weekend, which was lovely of him because I was sick, at home, and bored stiff. We had a nice chat, watched a fun, mindless DVD, and time passed amusingly until Sunday morning. Sunday evening was spent witht the FIPR bods ( see: ) talking about all manner of interesting civil-rights-type stuff.

Channelling Zippy

Th’ MIND is the Pizza Palace of th’ SOUL

Why do you say that?


What makes you believe were these parsnips correctly marinated in taco sauce?

Is a tattoo real, like a curb or a battleship? Or are we suffering in Safeway?

Maybe your plans have something to do with this.

Do you have exactly what I want in a plaid poindexter bar bat??

I don’t understand.

BARRY.. That was the most HEART-WARMING rendition of “I DID IT MY WAY” I’ve ever heard!!

Is it because of your life that you are going through all this?

It’s a lot of fun being alive… I wonder if my bed is made?!?