Twitter Updates for 2012-10-11

  • @dml Sorry I've a prior ๐Ÿ™ #

Twitter Updates for 2012-10-10

  • The food at one Swedish school is "too good"? #
  • Aha! Previous tweet courtesy of Bristol's @Matt_the_Geek # do link your blog to your profile #
  • @DrJennyWoods common hot water bottle, common duvet, common bed. #
  • @tankadams09 – I concur: Someone actually *believing* that would have to be truly inexperienced.
    /cc @whitehatsec @Computerworld #
  • @DrJennyWoods so no #rdggeek then ? #
  • @tankadams09 Sorry, I don't see the argument that you are trying to make ? Could you rephrase please ? #
  • @tref Say hello to the nice lady. #
  • @tankadams09 I think you are saying that the ".uk" domain name could be a curated "brand" domain to compete with Amazon. Which is nonsense. #
  • @tankadams09 1) If Nominet want .uk to be a "brand" then they will have to accept liability for their subdomains' activities #
  • @tankadams09 2) This would do nothing for actual security of these systems or their users; the number of XSS-able systems would not decrease #
  • @tankadams09 Given 1 and 2 then we are led to 3) this proposition is just a marketing exercise for a bad idea #
  • @redtwitdown Small child or "power user"? #
  • @tankadams09 What makes you trust some kitemarking "authority" more than, say, recommendations from a friend ? #
  • @tankadams09 #
  • @tankadams09 I go with "reputation" as primary metric of "safe site" but that's bound to an entity ("M&S") not location ("Oxford St") #
  • @tankadams09 Anyone can say that. See also:
    – key to success is direct reputation, not secondhand #
  • @tankadams09 Note the facility you desire – however dubious I think it – is already available from "trusted" vendors #
  • @tankadams09 Trusted "URL identifier"? – that's called "monopoly power" #
  • @tankadams09 "free market economy" / "state monopoly" / "quango" / "trailing behind private industry" … #
  • RT: Nominet: a website by any other name would be more secure? – via @computerworlduk # MORE TO COME #
  • Wow, #Storify is horrifically easy to use. #
  • @dml I see it as an opportunity. #
  • Was going to do #rdggeek but feeling slightly under the weather and RFC2119 MUST be in fit state for the rest of the week. #
  • @SimonRWaters mmm? #
  • @glynwintle Thought I would start with the #TorProject evidence but the Facebook and Twitter content is so lulzworthy that I'm not there yet #
  • @DaveLevy All that stuff is day 2, linked from #

Twitter Updates for 2012-10-09

  • 44ton truck v Motorway lane hogger – YouTube # Exceedingly rude commentary, caution for language, esp Americansโ€ฆ #

Twitter Updates for 2012-10-08

  • So #Underground airs on Channel Ten in Australia in a few mins; waiting to see if my baby gets to make an onscreen appearance. #getoffmylawn #
  • Following a score of comic-book adaptations, wondering if we should refer to #Underground as #WikiTeens ? #TeenLeaks ? #Wikibabies ? #
  • #Underground drinking competition: every time you see a hardware anachronism, drink! #
  • @williamheath I felt it engaged but misconceived; end of para 6 ("some limits") bound to put American free-speech activist backs up. #
  • @Daveyk7 And Perth? They can probably get #underground off bittorrent pre-broadcast #
  • @ToolsWatch Oy Veh. You want #HashCat nowadays. ๐Ÿ™‚ #
  • .@ToolsWatch ps: That's new, I've never known anyone get laid because of #Crack expelled, hired, fired, a couple of theses & a PhD, yes… #
  • @stevelord @ToolsWatch Ah, @elcomsoft – I seem to remember them from my days at Sun Microsystems, can't quite remember why… ๐Ÿ˜› #
  • @stevelord @ToolsWatch Old joke. See and search for "Oakland". #
  • @Matt_the_Geek @lloydwatkin @JonnyHeavey +1 #
  • @ronski Save your money and buy a #casiof91w #
  • @ronski See also #
  • @ronski For the price you could by 430 Casios – Just saying. ๐Ÿ™‚ #
  • @sublimino ping! #
  • @ToolsWatch Dude, you make me embarrassed. Thank you. Keep up the good work. #
  • @ToolsWatch I try encouraging new pentesters to write their own, new tools; we should not turn into a consumer retail-led industry. #
  • @newsmary Same text as – some weird campaigning organisation ? #
  • 1 Week from Tomorrow!
    "ITU: Should the UN take over the Internet?" by @dml
    ORG-London Pub Meet, Southwark, 7pm #
  • RT @bindshell_: Word. # oh this should be popular with the likes of @glynwintle #
  • @brokenbottleboy Sounds like IT Contracting with more guns. #
  • @brokenbottleboy It's a choice. #
  • @brokenbottleboy The lengths people go to to get ahead. Yep. #
  • Damn, too late. Alas for @Liberationtech #
  • @paulmezier Have received a bizarre "unsubscribe" message apparently from you. Have no idea what planet you are on. #
  • @yoz A Starfire retails pretty cheap nowadays; I don't track them but @katzmandu will know. ๐Ÿ˜› #
  • @VanessaAlvarez1 @mthiele10 Cloud 'backlash' is already here. Look in your pocket, work out how much connectivity and storage is in there. #
  • @Asher_Wolf Heya. Suggested to the CPL mob that maybe the Hbk needs a Changelog chapter. So they who download the PDF can see what changed? #
  • @GinJourney Have taken to Queen olives and a spot of brine, recently. Had a No.3/FevertreeMed/Olive @ London Gin Club, opened my mind … #
  • @evgenymorozov I am waiting for the legal / model aircraft fallout of the obvious response: Demonstrator, cheap mini-helicopter, 2m ribbon. #
  • @evgenymorozov It would be like Chinese fighting kites, police drones being downed by demonstrator craft. Legal backlash will be insane. #
  • @evgenymorozov My bet would be the outlawing of RC/IR aircraft in "restricted areas" – meaning any city – or something like that. #
  • @GinJourney It is worth it, though surprisingly not open mondays. Tapas nibbles good but would like something more substantial. #
  • @GinJourney Also: @LondonGinClub visit led to me writing re: ice-cubes. #
  • @ramtopsgrum Probably similar to what the Christians would say about "thou shalt not kill" and/or the NT's one commandment. #
  • @GinJourney +1 so many times. #
  • @samthetechie Old programmer maxim:
    /cc @Asher_Wolf @julian0liver #

Twitter Updates for 2012-10-07

  • @paul_clarke Ever the security guy, it depends on what you are trying to achieve. NAS or not, software or hardware RAID, etc… #
  • #Tumblr goes out and hundreds of thousands of people start to wonder
    "Why can't I run my own system and avoid this?" #
  • @jribbens Nice add. I would geo, I have too many friends on the continent running US-mode browsers, but the more ways the merrier. #
  • From the archives:
    American School Rugby: Blood, Sweat, and Frequent Hospital Visits #
  • @deathtolamo @djon3s Yes but where the hell do you think the Internet and #TorProject came from? #
  • @deathtolamo @djon3s Cute. Name a ubiquitous new technology (not software clone) which came straight from the FSF? I can't recall one? #
  • @nickgom Sorry, I don't think we need to "protect ourselves" from Nominet any more than we might need to from the Thompson Local Directory. #
  • @nickgom I think we can and should engage to prevent them from doing outright misconceived and illiberal things, but that's another matter. #
  • @nickgom In the end I believe that they are already semi-irrelevant and will only become moreso, hence why fear a bogeyman ? #
  • @jribbens ENOCLUE #
  • @DrEoinClarke You mean this quote that you've misquoted? #
  • @DrEoinClarke @chrisjv91 Here's the audio/video, listen for yourself: #
  • How to simultaneously oppress people & screw up your e-economy: #Iran blocks MP3, MP4, AVI, SWF files
    /HT @small_media #
  • @Matt_the_Geek @havescissors "Direct Object Reference" – #OWASP top 10 FTW! #
  • @beng "It's a way of partially implementing a class in Java so that you can reuse code more effectively without resorting to Interfaces" #
  • How the hell can I be getting 4 bars of #Tmobile signal in Hartley Wintney and still be on GPRS? #
  • #DarkStar Green-Hopped IPA – the best pint I've had all year. #
  • Clear night sky. Summer triangle, Azure, Deneb, Milky Way in bend sinister. #
  • azure, a galaxy grey in bend between three estoiles of four points argent, not bend *sinister* #
  • @JonnyHeavey /etc/… ? #
  • @JonnyHeavey #
  • @JonnyHeavey Some day I'll have to demonstrate #asp to you : #
  • @DarthNull Similar; it's mechanical enough that yacc should be able to cope. #

Twitter Updates for 2012-10-06

Twitter Updates for 2012-10-05

  • @ramtopsrac @inspirestories Kick fellow cycling atheist @chrisgerhard too – treat it as a form of ecumenicism #
  • Still the most popular posting on my blog in terms of daily hits: #
  • .@DarthNull My feelings entirely. Hacking EFTPOS and arguing Cybersecurity is ephemeral, but boiling an egg is an eternal, shared challenge #
  • What's a good recipe for using up 9 fresh lemons, ideally not curd or meringue pie? #
  • @PaulMarks12 iPhone Camera obviously was used as a prototype for #
  • 'How to get the Government to Pay for your Staff! Tax Credits and IP' #hmm #techhub #
  • @owenblacker @JamesFirth _Olive_ in G&T. Be radical. #
  • @karmel80 A Man from Another Place told me so: "Erutuf eht si hcnyl tfosorcim." #
  • Have skimmed #CryptoParty Handbook but not seen warnings re: USB Sticks, Malware, & practicing safe software exchange #
  • Were I wanting to infect a bunch of dissidents' laptops, a #cryptoparty would be a happy hunting ground. #
  • @JamesFirth Fifty Shades Alpha Channel? #

Twitter Updates for 2012-10-04

  • #EveningStandard pg25 Police Funeral Cortege photo. Is the parade photo #shopped #
  • @petermacrobert @joannageary Just back from Bristol. Long day. G&T experimentation – Bloom's, FT-Med and a Queen Olive. Assistance req'd. #
  • If any of my London-Centric friends are reading "The Intention Economy" then you prob want to read this URGENTLY: #

Twitter Updates for 2012-10-03

  • So it seems that paying #Spotify and renewing #BurpSuite within 24 hours is sufficient to win a free credit-card fraud check. #lesigh #
  • Tip for @BBCBreaking / BBC announcers: in a pinch, try saying "Mack Hunk Leth" #
  • @MsSaraKelly Have a Delirium Tremens – grey bottle, pink elephant design. Also: look for Palm, Keizer Karel, McChouffe #collectthemall #
  • @jaclong makes sense. By morning the story will have sedimented into something spinnable /cc @Puffles2010 #
  • @julianswainson but… but… THE SANDWICHES! THE TERRIBLE SANDWICHES! Also how would the state do better? #
  • @julianswainson do you know if the restaurant car turned a profit? #
  • @julianswainson That's probably why you don't find state-funded restaurants on them, either. #

Twitter Updates for 2012-10-02

  • @brainchill In which case if you're the speaker then you're probably saying something dumb. #
  • @OrwellUpgraded I'd have to be an idiot to critique a DJB project without doing several days of homework. I'll leave it to the other idiots. #
  • .@OrwellUpgraded What I'll say is that SSL is better than nothing because SSL at least lifts traffic above the insecurity of cleartext #
  • .@OrwellUpgraded and if people say "Ah, but SSL engenders a false trust whereas cleartext is a known quantity!" they are postmodernist fools #
  • @brainchill Yeah but to let the anger seep over into the speech is generally dumb. #
  • @OrwellUpgraded Were it always so easy. #
  • @s3cb0t What precisely distinguishes that from the spear-phishing which happens to lots of other people, daily ? #
  • "These pen drives, which are mostly manufactured in China, have emerged as a big threat to our cyber security systems" #
  • "These computers, which are mostly manufactured in China, have emerged as a big threat to our cyber security systems" #
  • "These CPUs, which are mostly manufactured in China, have emerged as a big threat to our cyber security systems" #
  • "These switches, which are mostly manufactured in China, have emerged as a big threat to our cyber security systems" #
  • "These cellphones, which are mostly manufactured in China, have emerged as a big threat to our cyber security systems" #
  • "These iPads, which are mostly manufactured in China, have emerged as a big threat to our cyber security systems" #
  • "These Furbys, which are mostly manufactured in China, have emerged as a big threat to our cyber security systems" #
  • "These saucepans, which are mostly manufactured in China, have emerged as a big threat to our cyber security systems" #
  • etc, etc… #
  • @fredrichmaney These themes, which are mostly manufactured in China, … #