Cool Website Of The Day: Lockpicking 101

The internet is filled with communities that all have the same looks to their forums, all powered by vBulletin; there are dozens all looking the same, after establishing which actually I feel makes you appreciate the differences in topic even moreso: motorbikes and riding, unicycles, kinky sex and in fact there are hundreds, perhaps thousands of sites; and unlike an Eisteddfod with one song sung a score of subtly different ways, this is the same boring website again and again but with a host of diverse topics.

I’ll add another one to the list: Lockpicking 101. It’s an under-comprehended discipline, and people should take time to learn what distinguishes a good lock from a bad one, and that 20 bad locks do not equate to a single good one.

A lot like firewalls, really.


Use MacOS? Linux? Solaris? Stop the BBC becoming Microsoft slaves!

Are you not a Microsoft user, and yet you enjoy BBC multimedia content? If so, you will be interested in this:

From: Ian

Hi Alec,

I hope you’re well.

I thought you might be interested in the following BBC consultation. It is notable for question 5 which asks whether it’s ok for the BBC to restrict content to users of Microsoft software.


You’ll need to provide name and address, and to read the PDFs that outline the iPlayer Public Value Test and the initial conclusions. The project consultation home page is also available.

If I read ondemandpva.pdf correctly, it looks like they *want* DRM – you can play back a downloaded programme for 13 weeks after download, not longer – but they also seem aware that cross platform DRM is non-functional, and seem torn what to do about this – to dump the idea, or go with a single provider solution. The notion of giving-up on DRM at all seems alien to them, because (they say) they want the follow-on revenue that UK Gold and other channels provide, and see digital downloads as impacting this.

THe BBC Executive (ie: management) solution? See page 10. “Require users to be using XP (or above) and Windows Media 10 (or above)”.

The BBC Trustees are pushing to the Executive to drop the Microsoft requirement and go platform-agnostic. I recommend we all support them in this.

Go read. Discuss. Get involved.

Pink Sheet Spam Is Back :-(

I’ve started getting more penny-stock spam again; it went away for a couple of weeks, funny how you only notice it when it returns.

I wonder what happened?