The BNP have been around…

…so there’s a flyer through my door saying:


A cartoon of Muhammad with a bomb for a turban, or…

Muslim demonstrators calling for terrorist attacks on Europe and the ‘extermination’ of non-Muslims.

Blah, blah, blah, British National Party, blah blah Winston Churchill blah blah, blah huge gulf between the democratic values blah blah, blah, vote-grubbing politicians blah blah blah…

…the answer to their headline question being that I find neither “offensive”.

Instead the former I find insensitive but I believe utterly justifiable in the name of free-speech, although utterly not justifiable in the name of jingoism, circulation-boosting and shit-stirring.

The latter I find childish, violent, naive and upsetting that mankind can still be in the thrall of shared hallucinations that (a) killing more than a tiny fraction of the world’s population is justifiable in any manner, and (b) that there’s reward to be had after you’re dead for participating in mass hysteria whilst alive.

Alas since I live in a part of England where I’ve occasionally heard the elderly folk refer to “those people” – essentially a metasyntactic variable for anyone of non-caucasian race – I regret that there will be some people around here who, when faced with an either/or question, won’t have the confidence or wit to reject both options.

As an aside: I don’t believe in capital punishment either – that’s because I don’t believe there’s fair recompense for death, so contrawise there’s also no crime worthy of it as a punishment. Moreover I believe death’s an end, and as such I’d prefer to keep those whom you wish to punish around, so they can see what they’re missing – if you’re doing it right. However I suspect there are also folk around here who thing that we should “string ’em up” or somesuch, for whatever arbitrary criminal act.

I dunno about the USA, but if I had to express my feelings about the UK of the moment I would say that the success of the reactionary types peaked a few months ago with/around the July 7th bombing, and they are just beginning to roll downhill for the next few years having run out of new excuses to get away with what they want.

Where the counterbalancing hedonistic liberalism is in its sinusoidal cycle I am not sure, but I feel it’s started a long climb upwards, though I have no idea how long it’ll take before peaking.

Hohum. If there are any BNP rallies around, I may pop along to heckle.


Sad. []