Dutch biometric passports cracked, ID info stealable


Dutch biometric passports cracked, ID info stealable It’s as well that there is lively debate on this subject, from a technical standpoint as well as the more expected civil liberties folk… The Dutch passport, one of the first to include “biometric” information which can be read digitally in accordance with new internatiomal legislation, has been cracked from a range of 10 metres such that cleartext of the data stored therein is extracted. Kudos to the Riscure labs in Delft for publishing.

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Fuel cell motorcycle debuts at Tokyo trade show

Geoff pointed me at [www.boingboing.net] which takes me thence to [www.ridingsun.com]

I swung by the 2006 Tokyo Fuel Cell Expo yesterday, where I saw the ENV motorcycle from Intelligent Energy:



I blogged about the ENV previously here. Its expected price is somewhere below $10,000. According to a company representative I spoke to, it should be available to consumers in about 18 months, which sounds like next summer or fall to me. Can’t wait? If you register via this form, there’s a chance you might get to be a product tester before it goes on sale.

Apparently, riding it feels more like skiiing or windsurfing than like riding a normal motorcycle. Rumors that Intelligent Energy will be adding simulated engine noise to the ENV are false – the company sees the bike’s silent operation as a selling point, not a problem. Interestingly, the fuel cell that powers the bike is removable, and can be used to run other items in your home.

What isn’t mentioned is that these bikes were extensively roadtested (in preproduction form) in a 12-page photo-laden review for the November’05 issue of the UK’s “TBM – Trailbike & Enduro Magazine”


…which gives them a thoughtful and generally positive write-up, the short version of which is “the bike’s not yet an effective off-roader although it looks a lot like one; however it is a total blast to ride.”