Homemade Security Video #2: Castle Assault

Later in 2002, having cut my teeth on the first video, I decided to try for something a little more ambitious: to illustrate the concepts of Defence-in-Depth and highlight some of the technical security issues that you’ld encounter in a modern “Enterprise” Compute Network.

castle video
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So – cutting a long story short – I decamped to a Bronze-Age Hill Fortress and “assaulted it” – ran up it as quickly as possible for realism – while videoing the effort.

I completely knackered myself, got covered in mud, fell over (the final cut audio is looped slightly to hide the swearing) and sliced myself open on barbed wire (“Ah, blood! That always makes for excitement!”) – all in pursuit of a real race: the sun was setting fast and I would lose any hint of daylight within the hour, plus I had another 200 miles to drive that evening.

It’s not bad for an amateur effort – although I am not going to vouch for the 100% historical accuracy of the piece, it does get the ideas across.