Mounting a Garmin 2610 (or other GPS) on a BMW R1200GS

This is how I did it, and it seems to (now) be a popular technique:

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You can work out most of it from the pictures. I removed the windscreen to ease assembly but also because I was replacing it at the time. The mounting was inspired by discussion at [] and was tested on a 6100 mile tour of Sweden, Finland, Norway, Germany, Switzerland, and the French Alps, earlier this summer. Pictures (including the GPS in situ) are at []

My amendments to the method that others had suggested, were:

  • Using a RAP-319 “Plastic Vee” to cinch the U-bolt onto the oval bar above the clocks, relieving the need to heavily torque the U-bolt.
  • Using a strip of neoprene cut from an old, thin, magazine-giveaway mousemat, as friction/padding.

Issues And Notes:

  • Power: I used a Garmin Bike power+audio cable, wired into a watertight choc-bloc box, then to a homemade BMW power cable, into an accessory socket. The male BMW power blug was bought from Farnell, and made-up with a soldering iron and some hot-melt glue to provide extra strength and corrosion-resistance (a-la “potting compound”).

  • It has been suggested that you might purchase an official BMW Navigator II power cable and run the device off that (there is a small socket for that purpose amongst the headstock wiring) – but I have no idea whether the BMW cable is long enough to run the 2610 when mounted above the clocks in this position. If someone can confirm, so much the better.

  • Audio: I inserted a 2.5mm to 3.5mm audio jack converter into the Garmin cable, and gaffer-taped it permanently in place. The Garmin cables are expensive and the builtin audio socket has a history of corroding/rotting/failing with extended use, so my goal in doing this was to use the converter as a “sacrificial” device that can take most of the wear and tear.

  • Speaker: My trial with a 4-quid “Maplin Pillow Speaker” slipped into the helmet was ok, but not terrific; others report greater success with police-style over-the-ear earpieces, which also retail for about a fiver.

I sourced my mounting parts from Steve (aka: “RAM-MAN”) at [] ; if you liked LEGO and are of a slightly mechanical “I love the smell of an Ironmonger’s shop” bent, his stock warehouse is a total playroom, though I’m sure he won’t appreciate me telling you that. 😎