Fifth form of wheeled transport…

It struck me that if I have cars (even), motorbikes (even), bicycles (even), tricycles (odd, soon) and a wheel barrow (odd), perhaps to restore parity to my wheel count from the arrival of the impending trike, I should try one of these:

Pashley “Muni” Unicycle

…just to see what they’re like, you understand…

E-Mail Received; So whadda I do… ?

From: “(…..)” <(…..)>
Subject: request for guidance
Date: Wed, 09 Nov 2005 13:27:36 -0500

Hello sir

I have seen some of your beautiful work and deeply appreciate that work of your and the pain undergone in developing that.

I have found that my field of interest is in the same direction of yours.

I am trying to crack the password of those who sit in my computer and in the process facing some difficult which with your help might be done.

I just want you to send me some information regarding developing applictions to crack passwords,with some examples if possible with code snippets and help me develop in your direction.

I look farward to your encouraging response.

Thanking you sir

Elks on Scrumpy…

…maybe they need some coffee, instead? 😎


Sozzled elks hound old folks home

An old people’s home in Sweden found itself under siege from two drunks.

But these were no ordinary drinkers – the tipsy pair were elks who had come upon some fermented apples outside the home in Sibbhult, southern Sweden.

The cow and her calf developed such a taste for the intoxicating fruit they refused to bow to police attempts to chase them away from the home. Police officers were forced to take tougher measures to make them leave, bringing in a hunter with a dog.

The elks did not need telling twice, and left without protest.

The only thing police needed to do to ensure the pie-eyed pair did not return was remove the remaining apples, police chief Bengt Hallberg said.

Nestle Patents Coffee Beer

Via Slashdot, which isn’t worth reading since the opinions cited there aren’t worth jack, a Nestle subsidiary/R&D company has applied for a patent ( [] [PDF]) upon a fermented coffee beverage.

The actual text reads: This invention relates to a soft drnk or beverage, a beverage base and a process for making such a beverage or beverage base. In particular the invention relates to a beverage with a fermented coffee component.

They actually cite that the small amount of alcohol produced “may be undesirable” – that the drink is “substantially non-alcoholic” – and it looks like they are trying to use fermentation as a flavour and texture modifier possibly to replace artificial whiteners.

That said: they may patent manufacturing processes all they like, and good luck to them; but to also patent the drink? I don’t think that’ll stand up. In the UK at least, recipes are famously not copyrightable but I have no idea of their standing in patent law other than to believe they’ve not got one at all.

See also New Scientist.

Scanner Test: Punch Magazine from 1930

…and today verging upon ironical…

Scanner Test: Punch Magazine from 1937

risque, verging on the naughty?

Scanner Test: Punch Magazine from 1932

Mediterranean dusk from Haifa

Minox GT-E on Fujicolor 200, Approx 10s Exposure

Scanner Test: Security Folk

old-style dave; i like new-style, better

valerie receding at speed