Apple moving to Intel^H^H^H^H^H ARM ?

The press is full of theorising about Apple moving to Intel [] with consequent analyst-friendly bull:

Intel’s Centrino processor, a chip based on the Pentium III core which dynamically regulates its clock speed from 300Mhz up according to system demand, finally gives Apple an alternative.

Thing is, I go with the final paragraph of this article – Intel now sells the XScale, otherwise known to UK geeks as the ARM.

An Acorn Risc Machine running MacOS – how cool would that be? Low power, too. Probably quite small/thin. Hmmm. New PDA-based product range, anyone?

Dr Who: Bad Wolf

Ok, so in the last episode they actually and clearly alluded to the Bad Wolf theme that is running through the new series of Dr Who (including its meta-media) and there are a shedload of theories as to what this may presage – Fenrir, Anubis, Werewolves, etc…

People have picked up the thread I don’t have a specific theory, but merely applied Occam’s Razor and noticed that Rose’s name is, well, Rose (ie: red) and that she has a history of racing around in a red running hoodie (pardon the sledgehammer with which I am driving this home) although it’s not like she wears it for every moment of every episode.

The implication would be that she’ll save the day, but that her Grandmother (or Mum, rather) might be a victim – which, of course, she already is.

As ever in fan-land, some perhaps overanalyse: []

The name “bad wolf” has proven to be a genius move. It evokes memories of the scariest fairy tales – the Big Bad Wolf huffing and puffing down the houses of the three Little Pigs; the wolf eating, and taking the place of, Red Riding Hood’s grandmother. Echoes of both of those stories can also be seen at various points in the series (Rose, when we first meet her, is wearing a red hooded top; the Slitheen decoy is a pig; Nancy’s deconstruction of Christopher Eccleston’s face is, besides being the right of insulting to be funny, an echo of Little Red Riding Hood’s “what big eyes you have” conversation withe the wolf.

…or perhaps it’s not overanalysis.

Whatever we think is probably all wrong, anyhow – the point of a plot twist is to lead you down one path and then surprise you with something else, and now that it’s become an in-yer-face plot element it’s bound not whatever is most obvious. Were it so they wouldn’t be good scriptwriters, and yet they demonstrably are.

I’d rather sit back and watch, and hopefully be surprised.