Water on Mars! Official!

Astronomy Picture of the Day: [antwrp.gsfc.nasa.gov] (Via Dan)

BBC: Would you Adam and Eve it?


A teachers’ union has said it is alarmed by an increase in lessons which teach that Adam and Eve was the literal truth, rather the fable which science believes it to be. The rise in creationism is not just an American phenomenon.

For many British people, belief in a six-day creation seems to be one of those incomprehensibly American quirks, like beef jerky and pledging allegiance to the flag. But a large and growing number of British Christians are defying Darwinist orthodoxy in favour of creationism – the belief that Adam and Eve are the mother and father of humanity.

“Evolution is not compatible with Christianity,” he insists. “Genesis tells us that death only came into the world because of Adam’s sin. There was no death before then, and you can’t have evolution without death.”

“Typical petty bloody god; this tart nicks an apple off a tree, so he goes off and invents death and then goes and applies it to absolutely everything – plants, humans and animals alike.

A definite failure of clarity-of-thought. Much like some middle-managers I’ve encountered…”

Canon IXUS400 Firmware update

Just found this: [web.canon.jp]

washing machine update

After chatting with Alan & Telsa at the weekend, and with Simon-the-Monkey-Boy yesterday, I spent last night disassembling my 20+ year old washing machine in order to access and unblock the filter.

The machine dates from before an era where ease of use was not terribly important, so to empty the filter normally would require special tools – screwdriver, wrench, and extractor tool for the basket – but I circumvented this by turning it upside down, removing the circlips and extracting the basket, housing and pump for cleaning.

An hour later, I’d removed the accumulated slime and hard-water concrete of two decades, from the filter basket and ingress and egress pipes. It was a messy job, and a bit gross, but the effect has been incredible.

The washing machine no longer floods the kitchen because of being backed-up and unable to drain.

The washing machine now floods the kitchen because the drain pipework cannot keep up with the rate of outflow.