You and Your Phone are Huge Threats to the Net #security #privacy #tor #dns – HT @rdggeek @techhub @doctorow

This is the talk I presented at Reading Geek Night 27 on Jan 10th; the theme was the power of mobile computing and of real networking, and of how NAT, IPv4, DNS, and the typical provision of network access (eg: browsing over NAT) to the user – rather than network connectivity ie: full bidirectional internet access – is a strategic risk to individual communication, an increased opportunity for censorship, and a threat to the health of the Net at large.



  1. I referenced Cory Doctorow’s The coming war on general computation in the Q&A session
  2. I referenced the tremendously fast networking at TechHub in London, an environment where I am a enthusiastic visitor – plus the beer’s great! More #OpenSourceAle please! 🙂
  3. I alluded during discussion (no video) to Firefox plugins which bypass DNS takedowns; by coincidence they got some coverage on Boing Boing the day after the talk, but the one I was thinking of was MAFIAA-Fire
  4. I alluded to how measures to improve DNS Security are being undermined by US legislation to enable domain seizure (amongst other badness) – see also.
  5. One thing I’d like to clarify but which I don’t cover well in the video: the 20Mbit bidirectional bandwidth is when I’m connected to Wifi at somewhere with a fast network, but I am still NAT’ed behind a firewall. All the other ping probes and traceroutes shown are when I am connected over GSM, but yet again NAT’ed behind a firewall.
  6. What I want to highlight is the full server capability of the modern “smartphone” device – and that it is permanently hobbled by being stuck behind NAT for both GSM and domestic Wifi. Worse, people have come to expect this when in fact your personal server phone is more than capable of being fully attached to the Internet, 24×7, working for you.


Sex, Lies and Instant Messenger mkII from #bcl9

Why #Cybersecurity Is Rubbish (slides from #bcsoxon)

Because of my presentation style the slides are only half of the story, but these are from my recent presentation at the Oxford branch of the British Computer Society.

Research notes (some) are here.

Next opportunity to see this talk (along with Sex, Lies & IM) publicly is at Portsmouth Skeptics in the Pub on 13 Oct 2011 – and I am also available for consultancy, private functions, Weddings and Bar Mitzvahs…

Sex, Lies and Instant Messenger (slides from #HHldn)

Because of my presentation style the slides are only half of the story, but these are my SL&IM slides as presented at Joanna Geary’s London Hacks & Hackers on 24 August 2011. Upcoming presentations of this talk – back to back with “Why Cybersecurity is Rubbish” – include: