ORG London October Podcast: Dominique Lazanski on “Should the UN take over the Internet” /cc @openrightsgroup

An upcoming meeting of the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) in Dubai in December is widely tipped – and denied – as being the kickoff of a international power-grab for governance and control over the Internet.

Some are positioning it as an attempt by the ITU to regain some of its otherwise shrinking remit and power, others as a kind of US “imperialism” over the net, whilst yet others see ITU control as a lever by which network freedoms can be diluted by the likes of Russia and China.

Coverage includes:

Dominique Lazanski is an independent consultant and head of digital policy at the TaxPayers’ Alliance and will be attending the upcoming ITU meeting; in our pub meet she will discuss what is know of the proposals, the potential risks raised by ITU governance, and the potential impacts upon liberty.

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Audio is a bit rough in parts – had to filter the middle third to muffle a clicking noise. It’s early days, shall do better next time.

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