What is a “Shavers Only” Electrical Outlet?

An Electrician Explains the Shaver Socket

It’s very tempting to plug American devices into these sockets when traveling, especially when (as is so often the case for me) a suitable converter is unavailable. But should they be used for anything but shavers? After all, they are very clearly labeled. And what’s so special about shavers anyway?

Chatting with a seatmate on my long flight to Australia, I discovered he was an electrician who works in commercial sites. I jumped at the opportunity to inquire about this hotel electrical puzzle, and he quickly laid bare the mystery.

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Visiting Chez Gravier

With Gilles, Nicole et famille; plus Moukie the next-door cat.

Plus: a Swiss two-cheese fondue – bread dipped in wine or kirsch before the cheese; and hot tubs, Carrom, the discovery that blancmange is almost unknown in France, the Larousse Encyclopaedia of 1923, ‘Arry Potter, princesses, pink and green soup and model helicopters.

Epic, and gratitude to the family.

Visiting Geneva

Hidden costs of Swiss watches … first you have to breed.

Also: spot the cheapskate romantics with the cable tie.