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Stoya Interview

Village Voice – as ever it’s impossible to extract a mere paragraph to quote…

Aw, how sweet… #IBM

Dear Alec,

I recognise that this is an unorthodox approach, so I will be brief and hope you find time to respond.

IBM’s acquisition of Green Hat has given us a leadership position in the service virtualisation and integration testing market. IBM’s service virtualisation solution enables our customers to simulate and model the services that share dependencies with the new solutions they are developing. With IBM Green Hat you are able to work with systems which are:

• Not yet operational, or still under active development.
• Only available for testing in limited capacity or at inconvenient times.
• Owned by a third party or partner, who may charge significant fees for access.
• Difficult or expensive to provision or configure in a test environment.
• Required for simultaneous testing by teams with different requirements.

Through the adoption of IBM’s solution, a major financial institution has saved £30 million in the last 3 years, whilst being able to increase the projects delivered by over 100%. 

If this is an area of current consideration I would like to book some time in your diary to identify areas where IBM would be able to help you to meet your business needs more effectively. 

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards

[Name Elided]
Rational Account Manager – IBM

Thought for today: APT is a racist term – #security #apt /cc @kevinmitnick

From discussion with friends, an extract:

If the definition or example that somehow APT is a ‘newer, better and prolonged method of attack and stealth to obtain the crown jewels’ then what was Kevin Mitnick’s attack on Sun Microsystems?

It’s because Mitnick was an American – not “a Red” – and the net was not infrastructure back then.

In short: since the threat model has moved on from “Commies” now, APT is essentially a racist/jingoistic term for “foreign hacker who is other than us”.

My friend Jon Care says that ‘cloud’ is an irregular noun:

  • I have a Private Cloud
  • You have a Botnet
  • They have a Cyberwarfare Capability / Cyberweapon

…and I am basically thinking that APT is the equivalent third term for government pentester – the second being the eternally-slightly-tarnished Hacker, of course.

ps: obligatory tip for decyber

Medals for Drone Warriors Canceled – NYTimes.com

Under pressure, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel has canceled the creation of a new military medal for drone operators and cyberwarriors, instead ordering military leaders to develop a pin or device that would be attached to existing medals or ribbons. Mr. Hagel’s predecessor, Leon E. Panetta, created the Distinguished Warfare Medal for service members like drone operators and cyberwarriors who have a major effect on a military operation but never set foot in the combat zone. Some veterans and lawmakers complained that it should not be ranked higher than traditional combat medals like the Bronze Star. On Monday, Mr. Hagel said that while those troops’ achievements should be recognized, the award should not be a stand-alone medal.

via Medals for Drone Warriors Canceled – NYTimes.com.

A Short Translation from Bullshit to English of Selected Portions of the Google Chrome Blink Developer FAQ /ht @shaver

1 Why is Chrome spawning a new browser engine?

The WebKit maintainers wouldn’t let us attack Apple directly, by changing WebKit in ways that would make it perform badly on OS X and iOS.

Because they share a rendering engine, developer effort to ensure Chrome compatibility currently benefits Apple platforms for free. To prevent this, we must make Chrome and WebKit behave differently.

1.1 What sorts of things should I expect from Chrome?

Nothing yet. This is a political move, not a technical one.

However, while the Chrome user interface will not change in any significant way, we will be silently overwriting all existing installations of Chrome with our new rendering engine without your knowledge or consent.

…continues gloriously at Chrome Blink FAQ.

A BDSM/Fetish website which apparently locks-in its user data and then deletes it #fetlife #aptbutwrong

No joke; from Feb 2013:

In case you weren’t already aware, Fetlife has announced that to maintain their relationship with their credit card processor, they have to delete quite a bit of content. I hate that credit card companies get to police what we can talk about, but I can understand why the Fetlife team decided to keep the site running over fighting the good fight, losing the ability to take credit card payments, and not being able to process enough payments to keep the power on.

Because people are (rightfully) worried their pictures/writings/comments/etc will be deleted, they’ve been using the hell out of maymay’s exporter tool, which is really driving up his costs. He could use some help keeping that tool running if you’re inclined to donate.

…but click through to the cited website and you will read:

FetLife Exporter
This tool is currently disabled. (Why? No, wait, What do you mean disabledLearn more about FetLife’s troublesome behavior. Please ask FetLife to stop blocking this tool, and please do CC me. Thanks! You can stilldownload and install this tool on your website, or you can download the exporter itself and run it from your personal computer.

Update, please read:
On the night of February 14, FetLife.com blocked this server’s IP address, functionally preventing anyone from managing their own archive, including taking away the ability of users to delete archives themselves. This is…somewhat stupid and rather counter-productive, especially because FetLife’s new community manager, Susan Wright, has apparently been sending vaguely threatening emails to individuals telling them to delete their archive. I’m not sure why FetLife would ask their users to do something that they then prevent them from doing, but that’s FetLife for you. 🙂

I am not interested in fetish stuff but I have a bunch of friends who are, so I’ll appeal to them here for a grassroots user-opinion before bouncing the matter off the Open Rights Group to see what they say; I suspect that on general principles the answer will be that people should have rights over their own data, and the freedom to export it.

That said, I am not really certain that the exporter tool works in a way with which I would be entirely happy – if I read the linked document right, it appears to spider the user content and put it up on the web with no protection at all? If so, that’s rather unfortunate, even if it may be consensual. Also, if so, this “lock in” may actually be a positive protection measure.

I’d also be interested to know precisely what FetLife are having to take down in order to satisfy payment card regulation; the explanation is behind a paywall…

“Petty treason” – things that were “worse than murder” – Wikipedia

It’s all about society

The element of betrayal is the reason why this crime was considered worse than an ordinary murder; medieval and post-medieval society rested on a framework in which each person had his or her appointed place and such murders were seen as threatening this framework. Many people had somebody subordinate to them and feared the consequences if the murder of superiors was not punished harshly.

The common law offence was codified in the Treason Act 1351. Under that Act, petty treason was an aggravated form of murder. It consisted of:

  • a wife killing her husband,
  • a clergyman killing his prelate, or
  • a servant killing his master or mistress, or his master’s wife.[3]

The Act abolished three other forms of petty treason which had existed under common law:

  • a wife attempting to kill her husband,
  • a servant forging his master’s seal, or
  • a servant committing adultery with his master’s wife or daughter.

Counterfeiting gold or silver coin was also petty treason before the 1351 Act elevated this to high treason.[4] However the method of execution was not changed.

via Petty treason – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Ubik 2000 – Clover Chemicals UK Ltd # /ht @jimfinnis

A universal cleaner and degreaser concentrate, designed to dissolve and float away the toughest grime and leave a spotless finish.

A powerful, blue, alkaline cleaner and degreaser, Ubik 2000 is designed to perform quickly for a fast result.

Ideal for removing food oils, fats, blood, dirt, and grease from a multitude of surfaces.

Ubik 2000 boast numerous uses within the food industry. Ideal for kitchens, restaurants, canteens, pubs, clubs, hotels and nursing homes.

via Clover Chemicals Ltd – UK – Ubik 2000.