STOOPIDTALL – CICLAVIA 2013 – LA BIKE CULT from Richie Trimble on Vimeo.


British Frame Manufacturers – London Fixed-Gear and Single-Speed Community

…a list of British frame builders…

British frame manufacturers – London Fixed-gear and Single-speed

I wondered about buying a Garmin Cycling GPS – and then I thought: Why bother? /cc @dcuthbert

There’s this Garmin video that Dan Cuthbert pointed me at, earlier:

…and it’s timely because January sales are still on, and only yesterday I was perusing ChainReaction and ordering bits and bobs.

I’d been out on the MTB for an hour or so, exploring the heathland around Blackbushe Airport.

I had my Nexus 7 in a pouch running Google My Tracks – it recorded the whole thing, with much battery to spare, plus now appears to have options to Bluetooth-pair with numerous cadence and other sensors.

I’ve been round this loop of thinking before, of course:

…but the big problem last time was only having a phone upon which to run the apps; and when the GPS killed that battery, I would be phoneless.

Whereas MyTracks has clearly been updated since I last played with it, has better usability, and can run for ages on the Nexus’ huge battery; and I can pre-load several huge chunks of GoogleMaps onto the Nexus for offline consumption.

So – £160..£240 for a Nexus, versus … I dunno, £250..£380 for a Garmin with maps? The latter are waterproof / weather-hardened and toughened and all, but the former is cheaper, general purpose and not locked-in.

It probably depends on what you want to do with it / whether you are sprinting or touring / how little you are wearing… but for the moment I’ll take the Nexus with me.

Bike, camera, inaction! # When a Barrister on a Bike pursues a driver through the Courts

The conversation whilst stationary at the traffic lights was picked up crystal clear, word for word, including Lomas’s double admission that he had indeed just threatened to kill me. Any competent lawyer would know that here was compelling evidence of a Public Order Act offence.

I therefore Googled the telephone number of Hounslow police station and lifted the telephone. No, I could not report this matter over the telephone; I would have to attend any Metropolitan police station and fill in a road traffic form. No, this form could not be sent out to me and no, it could not be downloaded and sent in. No, there was nobody to whom I could send a copy of this video footage. If I wanted any action taken, I would have to attend a police station in person with a copy of the video.

I spent my lunch hour, as requested, walking down to Charing Cross police station clutching a CD-ROM containing a copy of my film. I waited 20 minutes in a queue of individuals reporting the theft of their mobile phones. On one wall was a list of telephone hotlines, for victims of a range of offences to communicate swiftly with the Metropolitan Police Force…