Opinion of #SeamlessID at request of @mrchrisadams ; #security #identity & a HT to @blaine

@mrchrisadams wrote:

@alecmuffet, @glynwintle I respect your opinions & I think you’d be interested in SeamlessID. Thoughts?
From Logins to Seamless Identity, a new paradigm for the web

This is hard for me, because I have a really big downer on:

  1. federated identity
  2. single sign-on
  3. People who make glib statements like Is the login paradigm a failure? Yes.

Blaine Cook makes exactly the right observation from a positive, constructive perspective:

This is a wonderful writeup, but why the heck are you proposing yet another standard?!?! Please, go cooperate with the BrowserID folks instead of trying to fracture the already fractured landscape.

…but I don’t even go that far because I can’t be constructive about this shit.

Putting aside the endlessly reinventing the wheel issue, I can’t see how “Seamless Identity” is much different to my setup where I have 1password integrated into every browser and can pull-down independent “identities” to log into different sites, and can cross-authenticate them with OAuth for asynchronous services where I desire; but aside from that point the identities are all unlinked and distinct.

Passwords are the worst form of authentication that we have ever invented, except for all the other ones that have been tried from time to time.

Form-filling, single-input… Everything else is just teh prettys.

“they can’t ask you twice without looking suspicious” – bullshit.