Trying to work out if the #Netgear DGND4000 would permit me to use my full “/29” and have 5x fully IP-connected hosts

PDF is here; Of the 8 addresses afforded by my /29 allocation, I have 5 available, some of which I would like routed onto the ethernet-connected hosts plugged into my modem.

The router’s own IP address would then be used to NAT to a wifi network.

Is this possible, Netgear?

ps: I would like to switch off WPS.

“if we build the Raspberry Pi in Britain, we have to pay a lot more tax” – #Tax lesson for Geeks & Makers

’d like to draw attention to one cost in particular that really created problems for us in Britain. Simply put, if we build the Raspberry Pi in Britain, we have to pay a lot more tax. If a British company imports components, it has to pay tax on those (and most components are not made in the UK). If, however, a completed device is made abroad and imported into the UK – with all of those components soldered onto it – it does not attract any import duty at all. This means that it’s really, really tax inefficient for an electronics company to do its manufacturing in Britain, and it’s one of the reasons that so much of our manufacturing goes overseas.

via We’ve started manufacture! | Raspberry Pi.

Sez it all, really. If we want manufacturing mass employment, we’re doing taxation wrong.

This is what happens then you sand a macbook…

Like, but… no.