If you want to try tracking the Asteroid 2012 DA14 fly-by tonight, use HeavensAbove # shortcuts


  • Visit Heavens Above Location Database and search for your location
  • Pick your Location from the responses for the search
  • When redirected to the homepage, click the Click here for a sky chart and table of positions for your location at the top


London illustrated below, but using the website you can adjust the time you’re observing to reflect the rotation of the sky:



See also: http://www.guardian.co.uk/science/2013/feb/14/how-to-watch-asteroid-2012-da14-earth

It will be at closest approach around 1930h – so European viewing will be rubbish, you need to be in Indonesia for that – but still, make of it what you can.


moon hoax not # thoughtful and intelligent, unlike some of its viewers. /ht @runasand

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In Case There Was Still Any Doubt, Here’s the Top Ten Reasons We Know the Earth Is Round

In Case There Was Still Any Doubt, Here’s the Top Ten Reasons We Know the Earth Is Round.

Now I want to find a playground with a roundabout, and take a basketball with me.

Inside NASA’s Mysterious Rubber Room

Ever since learning about the Rubber Room and Blast Room deep below launch Pad 39A at Kennedy Space Center I had been hopeful that I would one day get to photograph this mysterious remnant of the Apollo Program. I had seen very few photos of this room online and by talking to friends at KSC I seemed to have confirmed that access to this underground bunker had been very limited over the years. Following the end of the Shuttle Program and safing of the launch pads, access has become a little bit easier. There are two Rubber and Blast Rooms built to identical blueprints, one under launch pad 39A and another under 39B. Just recently, the rooms under 39B were closed off due to concerns from peeling lead based paints, which were commonly used during the era. Luckily for me, due to a different contractor building launch pad 39A, the Rubber and Blast Rooms were painted using non-lead based paint and is in much better shape allowing for the occasional visit.  I would finally get the chance to enter the Rubber Room for an assignment with SpaceflightNow.

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