Information security = IE, AV and patching? Argh… /ht @guardian @secunia #bah #humbug

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Vulnerabilities in information security (like that with Microsoft’s IE) need to be dealt with up front, says Secunia’s Maria Eriksen-Jensen.

via Information security: are you leaving your company exposed? | Media Network | Guardian Professional.

Oh, wait, it’s a glorified advert. The subtext is: “Security” == “Vulnerabilities for which we can sell mitigations”.

That makes perfect sense:

Stay reactive, why bother with any infrastructure, architecture, or design?
Just pay us money.

…would be a better way of putting it.


2 Replies to “Information security = IE, AV and patching? Argh… /ht @guardian @secunia #bah #humbug”

  1. I guess they’re just going for the easiest and “most obvious” target…

    I wonder, from the “advertorial” perspective, whether this is a symptom of the fact that the Grauniad is in such dire financial straits that various parties reckon they will go to the wall soon.

  2. I’ve always like Secunia. They are upfront about addressing Microsoft Windows vulnerabilities and software asset management. They provide free service to non-commercial home users.

    You can hardly blame them for using the Guardian to promote their business if the Guardian lets them.

    As a business model though it must be a little shaky, as it doesn’t require huge changes at Redmond and big bits of your selling point will vanish. Not that I expect Microsoft to obsolete them just yet, but the Windows Store must be making them think.

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