#Cybersecurity Quote of the Week: “If we can defend the model train set [we can] defend the real thing”


Here’s how CyberCity will work: Users must first hack into physical cameras distributed throughout the model city to gain a visual picture of what’s happening. Users are given missions that could include preventing terrorists from contaminating the town’s reservoir, derailing a train or hacking into the town’s utility company and shutting down power. Another mission may be preventing a resident’s medical records from being manipulated.

For instance, if a terrorist were successful in contaminating the water, an LED light used to make the replica reservoir appear blue would turn red. Or one of the model trains could derail following a successful attack.

Missions in CyberCity can last hours or multiple days, and airmen are scored on how long it takes them to complete each mission, whether they were able to prevent the attack and other criteria to ensure they understand how they arrived at a particular solution.

CyberCity also provides users with realistic simulations of the back-end systems that control real-world critical systems, Runyan said.

“If we can defend the model train set, our graduates can most certainly defend the real thing,” he said.

So tragic.

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