Visiting Chez Gravier

With Gilles, Nicole et famille; plus Moukie the next-door cat.

Plus: a Swiss two-cheese fondue – bread dipped in wine or kirsch before the cheese; and hot tubs, Carrom, the discovery that blancmange is almost unknown in France, the Larousse Encyclopaedia of 1923, ‘Arry Potter, princesses, pink and green soup and model helicopters.

Epic, and gratitude to the family.

2 Replies to “Visiting Chez Gravier”

  1. Good to see Gilles looking well; Linkedin shows he’s having an interesting time, too :-). As mentioned in another comment, Moukie looks *extremely* cute. I’d also heard about the surprising “blancmange” thing.

    TIL; up until I read this post, I’d only come across the term “carom” as a verb, usually being a carefully-directed ricochet of a ball off a cushion in pool or snooker. I wasn’t aware it was a game in its own right; pool and snooker clearly borrowed its name for their own vernacular.

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