Doesn’t anyone else find it odd that the Met can describe covert operation sex as “almost inevitable”? It’s not the sex aspect…

It’s not the sex aspect, it’s the number of undercover police operations which make me wonder that it is possible to bandy terms like “inevitable”.

Met police boss: Covert relations ‘almost inevitable’

Bernard Hogan-Howe said such relations should not form the strategy

Some undercover police will “almost inevitably” have sexual relationships with members of groups they are infiltrating, the Met chief has said.

Bernard Hogan-Howe told the Home Affairs committee such relationships “shouldn’t be part of the strategy”.

But, he said, when officers got close to targets it was not “impossible to imagine” that relationships developed.

The Met is being sued by a group of women who have had relationships with undercover officers.

The women came into contact with five undercover officers who carried fake passports and other identity papers and were involved in various undercover operations between 1987 and 2010.

Speaking at the Home Affairs Select Committee meeting, the Metropolitan Police Commissioner said it was up to officers monitoring the deployment of undercover police to spot relationships early or before they began and to move the covert officer out.

via BBC News – Met police boss: Covert relations ‘almost inevitable’.

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