Using Google Image Search to prick and deflate the #DailyMail’s obsession with Diana / Kate stories

Step 1: Find weird Daily Mail Kate looks just like Diana story:


Step 2: Note the weird selective image cropping and fabric drape.

Step 3: Note the weirder framing text:

But it was the combination of the new haircut and the retro silk green dress that brought to mind a more significant likeness: that of her husband’s late mother, Princess Diana. Diana wore an almost identical green silk chiffon dress during a 1983 tour as she was leaving Auckland, New Zealand, for a trip to the Bahamas.

Step 4: Open Image in New Tab, feed Diana image into Google Image search, find a relevant website with other, uncropped pictures.

Step 5: Compare:

I dunno about you, but I see rather a lot of difference, even allowing that both women did/will work through a dress-a-day for the rest of their lives and that similarities are bound to occur eventually.

But I see no evidence to prop up a history repeating itself subtext that further needs to be padded with pop culture allusions to make it seem in any way linked:

Kate’s new look appears to have been inspired by the late Seventies and early Eighties, with a heavy parted fringe reminiscent of Farah Fawcett.

I don’t remember Diana ever being compared to Farah Fawcett, nor would I find that particularly meaningful; yet the strapline higher up said:

Kate’s famous glossy blowdry was given a layered makeover, with a heavy parted fringe reminiscent of Princess Diana in the early Eighties

So Kate’s hair both is and is not reminiscent of Diana.

And is reminiscent of the whole of the whole of the “Eighties“, too, presumably.

I remember hair in the 80s.  Most of it involved backcombing, at least on people who seemed to care about that sort of thing.

Let’s just be honest, Mss Tamara Abraham (Editor, Femail US) and Rosie Taylor (Mail, UK) – are you not just trying to find some way to pad out some snaps with hopeful foreshadowing of the build em up and knock em down variety – of if not, then where is the merit in this comparison, please?

almost identical…

2 Replies to “Using Google Image Search to prick and deflate the #DailyMail’s obsession with Diana / Kate stories”

  1. A quick WHOIS lookup shows to be registered to Associated Newspapers, the Daily Mail’s parent group. ‘Nuff said, I think :-).

    (I note they didn’t manage to get, though; interestingly, that’s owned by a little security firm in Wales.)

  2. Diana was a bizarre, glamorous princess from Mars, and to this day a news story. Kate appears to be an actual human being, so much less interesting. So anything that can get Diana into the story is done.

    More (but not very) importantly, Kate shows no signs of performing her sole constitutional duty at this point. Diana was pretty pronto in this regard. I wish William and Kate no ill will, but one wonders slightly. And this wondering leads to the slightly delightful thought about the possibility of King Henry IX at some point – probably after I am gone.

    And I cannot believe I just left an entire comment about the royal family.

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