AberMUD in 1989

A colleague just questioned what the earliest citation you could find for yourself on the extant net, is. I am not certain that this is the oldest, but it is pretty old – and it’s amusing to see what no longer gets recognised as an e-mail address and so obscured:

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Hello from Aberystwyth...

I thought after seeing your postings in rec.games.programmer you might be interested to hear the current state of games and MUDs in the UK. I have got massive network access but one of the things UCW Aber frowns upon is posting to usenet (which is why Alan Cox never posted AberMUD to Usenet before...)

Firstly my disclaimer:- you wont find my name in the AberMUD credits, they're not there. I didn't have anything to do with writing it except get killed a lot in version 0, which was actually a hacked-about version of a file based CHAT program called HoneyBoard, running under GCOS-3 on a Honeywell L66 here, and was written in 'B'. Incidentally we junked that machine yesterday in favour of UNIX, and things are improving slowly.

To my uncertain knowledge there are about 3 Versions of AberMUD running in the UK, the most major one of which is ay uk.ac.cs.ed.tardis on JANET. It is by far the most up to date one in the UK, is on a System V GEC machine, and uses Shared Memory to do it's IPC. There may be info to be obtained by mailing 'mudman' at that address, but then again, there may not. I'll chase things up if you are interested.

Also a guy by the name of Vijay, known as Piper, is at Berkeley. He is generally considered by some to be looking after the USA end of things. He's vi...@mica.berkeley.edu, if you can get a reply out of him. He was the one that got the original version when it hit MIT. Apparently he has had the code cleaned up, but to what extent I don't know.

Finally the best news. Alan Cox is back on the network next year. I know he's been working away on AberMUD in his spare time (on an Amiga) so newer versions may be released. He's also been working for a software company producing adventures (Horrorsoft).I should be able to pass on queries if there are any, you can mail them to me (a...@uk.ac.aberystwyth) if you can mail to janet or by bouncing off bitnet somewhere (EARN-GATEWAY ?). Possibly several other ways if you get inventive.

Alec Muffett (JANET: a...@uk.ac.aber)

P.S. If you feel this is interesting, feel free to pass it on, and could you let me know about any servers which have it on, since I'd like to have a look. Thanx, Alec.

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