MI6: Truth in Advertising.

Full page advert for the Secret Service in Stylist Magazine this evening:

I wonder where they insert the diodes?

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  1. Just to reiterate:

    a full page advert in the give-away magazine for the evening standard newspaper, given away across the whole of london, for the secret service which will if they hire you tell you how important it is to hush that up.

  2. “That said, once you join us you’ll be able to disclose your role to one or two close friends or family. We’ll help you create a credible cover story for everyone else.”

    Hmm – I guess those “friends or family” are the ones who get curious about the detailed quesionnaire / interview that they are landed with, as a result of the successful candidate doing their DV process “and stuff”.

    Still, rhubarb, rhubarb, Transitive Trust, rhubarb. I guess MI6 are still getting used to existing as a matter of public record.

    Where the diodes go, isn’t pretty.

  3. Is working part time for a social media startup and writing a security blog a good cover story? 😉 If so, this post is a brilliant ruse.

  4. I was initially wondering why they advertised in a free paper, surely it would be better to advertise on some key professional sites. I guess if they only went head hunting on a few places then it wouldn’t be too hard to work out who agents could be. By blanket advertising as well you are covering up where you are really hiring from.

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