“the fairly strong password she used … was crackable by brute force alone” # wait what?

According to various accounts, Petraeus engaged in an affair with Broadwell after he left the military to become CIA chief between September 2011 and the summer of 2012, apparently breaking off the relationship around the time he discovered that Broadwell had been harassing Kelley by email. Kelley had reported the anonymous threatening email to the FBI in spring, prompting an investigation.

The Feds traced the emails to Broadwell and began monitoring her communications, stumbling across the fact that Broadwell appeared to be exchanging intimate messages with Petraeus using a Gmail account. The lovers reportedly used shared access to the same Gmail account, set up by Petraeus under a pseudonym, to exchange sexy chitchat. Messages sent between different account would have left an obvious trail to follow. So instead messages for each other were left in a draft folder, which the other partner read when they next logged into the account.

Broadwell maintained a Yahoo webmail address exposed by the Anonymous hack on private intelligence firm Strafor. As previously reported the fairly strong password she used for her Stratfor account was crackable by brute force alone, so if she made the mistake of using this password on other accounts then hackers could have obtain early access to some extremely juicy correspondence.It seems Broadwell suspected Kelley of hitting on Petraeus and warned her to “stay away from” the general. These threatening messages may have included extracts of sexually suggestive messages sent by Petraeus. The messages also contained potentially sensitive information that prompted FBI investigators to delve deeper in the case, the BBC reports.

“Strong” – you keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

Nice to see the ex-General using terroristic techniques to protect his illicit shagging. Puts him right up there with Manning in terms of evil practices and threat to Gov’t security.

via Petraeus sexnmenaces webmail trail leads to NATO Astan general • The Register.

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