New DSL modem / Vigor 120 – 18.23Mbps down, 1.00Mbps up

Really, the upload annoys me. I must have a good line, so something is capping that at precisely 1.00Mbps. It’s repeatable. Bloody nuisance.

Also I have now got to work out how to rebuild my home DMZ.

Formerly I bridged two ethernet ports together on my firewall to make a flat internet-facing network, and one port connected to the internet-facing servers (Tor) while the other port went into my DSL router. The combined bridge interface held the public IP address for the firewall and was nominated as the “WAN” interface.

However: now the firewall is the primary internet-facing device, and the primary interface is a PPPoE link into the DSL modem.

I have no idea how I am (whether I could) bridge a point-to-point PPPoE interface with an ethernet one, and if so what do I do about the IP address?

Experimentation needed, advice welcome.

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  1. I get 512kb down (yes petunia KILObits) and 256 up. Been stuck at that for a decade :-}

    However being artifically throttled is a pain. I guess they want you to pay for a “commercial” ISP package rather than a domestic one, on the assumption no homeowner ever runs their own servers.

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