ASTRONOMY IN THE PUB – #AstroPub /ht @jimanning @gammidgy #puballthethings #sitp

Presumably Reading will be first?


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  1. Erm, wouldn’t light pollution from the car park flood lights (generally mercury vapour *spit*) be a bit of an issue?

    Still, they are talking about trying to do astronomy from the light well of Reading!

    1. You know, Steve, if you think for a moment I’ll bet you can work out a way around the light pollution issue.

      Hint: The “Pub” bit might involve social interaction, sharing and friendmaking preparatory to / in planning with / pursuant to eventual stargazing.

      You know. “Fun”.

      1. Indeed, but I was responding to their suggestion of using the pub beer garden for astronomy.

        It may work for some pubs in villages outside Reading, but the local lighting would be an issue, especially if those trying to use the telescopes could be shielded.

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