BBC News – Readers’ best passive-aggressive wi-fi names

Of course my favourite is Free Public WiFi.

A recent feature on the rise of passive-aggressive wi-fi names prompted a huge response from readers. Here are a few of them.

My friend Lola from Waddinxveen in The Netherlands is an ex US marine and finds it funny to scare her friends down her street with Surveillance Van #2. She says there is a lot of curtain twitching since she renamed her wi-fi – understandably. Nicholas Webster, Dorchester

I’ve seen this network name at two different apartments I’ve lived at, definitely my personal favourite: F.B.I. Surveillance Van.Jacob Bernal

Until recently, our wi-fi connection showed up as PoliceSurveillanceVan, as we thought it would put the wind up the students next door. Now we go by Eric and Ernie – my husband being the one with the short, fat, hairy legs. Rachael Christie, Liverpool

The Beeb seem to have a tenuous grasp of “passive aggressive”, though. Sometimes correct, but not the majority.

via BBC News – Readers’ best passive-aggressive wi-fi names.

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