It’s an Austrian Wine Dispenser – well done Superelf!

regards this, it seems to be one of these:

Austrian Wine Dispenser – Google Search.

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  1. Also:

    Wine Dispenser – Austrian hand-blown crystal w/iron stand = $50 (Orig S$95!!)

    We sold our wine collection in May so this is a sad reminder to keep around our house! It makes a unique gift for a wine lover.

    This was purchased for US$70/S$95 via ebay US in 2002. Following is the description that I kept for some reason.

    “Hand blown crystal wine dispenser is made by “Wara” of Austria. Fill the crystal container with your favorite wine or cocktail, fill the crystal tube with crushed ice and slip it into the larger container. Keeps your beverages cool and convenient. Will hold over 1/5th of wine or liquor.

    Wine Dispenser black metal stand, the glass holder is decorated with white grapes and vines a traditional item from Germany 1960’s time frame.

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