Where Identity meets Humanity

  • something you know = a password
  • something you have = a (third-party) credential
  • something you are = a relationship

Dump the middle one.

Copyright (c) Alec Muffett, 2012 🙂

One Reply to “Where Identity meets Humanity”

  1. Mmm…

    “Something I know” also = an interesting or obscure fact, a corpus of knowledge or way of thinking. In my experience, security geeks often “circle each other” verbally, when newly introduced, posing and passing subtle tests until each is able to satisfy the other that they know their discipline. This also feeds into “something you are = a relationship”, where mutual acquaintanceship with a third party can act as a credential of credibility (and we also get into transitive trust, here).

    “Something I have” – well, there are third-party credentials which some people remember me for having, more than they remember me for doing what I did, sadly. These credentials often have the utility of being widely and easily recognised and understood (more than being a security geek, for example). In the wider context of humanity, I like credentials made by Aston Martin, for example :-).

    “Something I am” extends to “something I was” – the “old Sun tie” is still a useful credential (in fact, the CV can be considered as a keyring). The “old Acorn tie” may also prove useful again, in something I’m trying to set up.

    Also, the value of various credentials varies wildly, depending on context.

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