Draft response to #CCDP – Work in progress. What have I missed?

UPDATE: content superseded by http://dropsafe.crypticide.com/article/8093

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  1. You rightly speak of needing a copy of the internet? (6) Do they constrain it to the UK internet? I think not? Can we actually build a storage solution to do what they want? How many iops per second are needed? What is the storage growth rate? NB It all has to be imported a well.

    Prohibiting access to avoidance measures (24) would also inhibit domestic e-commerce, our ability to trade internationally and may be in breach of EU single market legal commitments in the Telco industry.

    It may be illegal under EU law to pass the CDP overheads onto ISPs; it may be in breach of EU single market rules, just as ISPs can’t be made to pay DE Act costs.

    I have not reread the DE Act Judicial review ruling which goes into the Framework Directive and the requirements for a level playing field between current players in the UK telco market and potential european entrants.

    I suspect that arguments of technical non feasability for the storage solution and the economic arguments as to why encryption can’t be prohibited are more important to you.

  2. In my blog article on CDP, I reference the C4 documentary on MI5’s last abuse of power when they first got their hands on the phone network and found this quote from Denning,

    “…the Security Services …are to be used for one purpose and one purpose only, the defence of the Realm.

    Most people in this country would, I am sure wholeheartedly support this principle for it would be intolerable to us to have anything in the nature of a Gestapo or Secret Police to snoop into all that we do…even at the behest of a Minister or a Government department…”

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