Show us the source code of your patent-pending app #Wickr, else you smell like #security snake-oil /cc #torproject

Wickr was founded in San Francisco, California by a team of security and privacy experts.

Our patent-pending technology brings sophisticated security and privacy to everybody.


The Internet is forever.

Your private communications don’t need to be.

Wickr’s mission is to provide secure communications that Leave No Trace. People are being tracked online and their information is being sold in ways they do not understand by numerous governments and corporations throughout the world. Your private communications are worth money. Online communications should be untraceable by default.

via Wickr – Leave No Trace.

Compare: Snake Oil Warning Signs: Encryption Software to Avoid

If anyone is impressed by names like DEFCON and Kaminsky being associated with this project, they should not be.

Even good security geeks mess things up – you can’t do the job without a touch of hubris but it is a weakness – and the only way to address this is to open the tool to all eyeballs.

Good security remains good security even in the face of an attacker who knows everything about it barring the crypto key.

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  1. The website says :

    Is Wickr HIPPA and FIPS compliant?
    Our product uses AES 256 bit encryption to protect the data in transit and at rest. This meets or exceeds the HIPAA requirements for encryption and privacy. Wickr is also FIPS 140-3 compliant for military grade encryption.

    So, it looks like it’s just a fancy front end around AES256

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