Could we replace marriage with incorporation of private limited companies?

So I ran across this sketch by Doug Stanhope and he makes a throwaway gag about marriage tax breaks:

Marriage? … If you want tax breaks? Incorporate!

…and over a mug of tea I wonder if he’s really got something there; in the UK the biggest hurdle would be IR35 and certain aspects of expense policy, but you’d have a contract between the directors, clear dissolution clauses; all income could be directed to the corporation – taxed differently and offset against OPEX like nappies and so forth – and salaries paid out, plus it would own and depreciate shared assets like houses and cars. You could avoid much income tax by taking dividends – I know tax avoidance is infra dig at the moment, but I’m thinking of the future here – and you could offshore your marriage for better breaks.

But there would be no gender issues – no incorporation is between a man and woman – plus you could have more than one company director, have corporations that outlast their founders, and in extreme circumstances outsource large chunks of the whole enterprise.

Come to think of it now I think I’ve read similar concepts in Heinlein but I never really considered their legal application before.

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  1. I believe you get to claim expenses for the family holiday *cough* AGM as well.
    I’m sure there ought to be a way round IR35.
    I suppose your biggest problem would be lack of a “customer” for your business. You could be a pure research team which gets you off paying any VAT and might even get you some back instead…

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