Today is improved – therefore, I’m cleaning …

The house is a tip at the moment, Good Friday was not all that good.

Middle of last week a cold settled in, and friday it entrenched in myne nose full seemly; thus most of saturday was spent in bed – because on sunday I’d promised to help a friend move house and my car was essential because it was the larger of a pair on offer.

Sunday: drive into London, drive down the M3, cruising at 70mph in the outside lane … and I am sideswiped by a Hewlett Packard Siebel consultant in a silver Saab who merged into traffic, merged across three lanes, and merged with my nearside front wing because he “didn’t see [me]” even though he “checked his mirror”.

All of the latter quotes safely recorded on video on my Powershot S95. Gosh I love that camera.

Car still drivable but a aesthetic mess; help friend move, visit other friends, eventually get home.

Time passes. Conjunctivitis sets in and whatever was in my nose decides to role-play bronchitis instead; mornings indescribable. I hazard an attempt at work but am only firing on two cylinders at best, and a locum doctor specialising in BOUNDLESS EMPATHY prescribes Amoxycillin to clobber any secondary infection.

I spend the next 18 hours asleep and wake up to a caffeine-withdrawal hangover.

It’s now about 30 hours later and between the amoxy and Day Nurse (Gosh I love that stuff) – I am vertical and mostly-awake and have actually had something approaching a grand day out, albeit with a long nap in the late afternoon. Got to try my hand at cooking Thai curry dishes – the spices in which did wonders to keep my head clear.

Now: clean up the house, work on the preso I want to finish, clear my backblog and prep for everything I need to do next week.

But first, laundry…

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