Lucy Lawless – a.k.a #Xena – Occupies a Shell Oil Drilling Ship # HT @newsmary

Via Mary comes forth the following; I know some folk for whom this article will provoke extremely heated debate…

Lucy Lawless is illegally seated atop a 174-foot derrick rising from a drilling ship off New Zealand’s western shore, and she really, really doesn’t want to talk about “Xena: Warrior Princess.” The ship is called the Noble Discoverer, but Lawless has rechristened it the Ignoble Destroyer. It used to be called the Frontier Discoverer, and before that the Discoverer 511, and sometime before that, the Jessica. It’s a nearly 50-year old ship, built for offshore drilling, and its owner, the Noble Corporation, has leased the ship to Royal Dutch Shell. This weekend, the Noble Discoverer is scheduled to head out on a 6,000 mile journey to the Chukchi Sea, off Alaska’s northwest coast, to break open the ice and suck out some of the 26.6 billion barrels of recoverable oil estimated to await in the Arctic’s outer continental shelf. That’s why Lawless left her house very early Thursday morning, her three boys still asleep, drove to Port Taranaki in Wellington, walked straight up the Noble Discoverer’s gangplank along with five other climbing experts and Greenpeace volunteers, and scaled its massive derrick.

The business about Xena is that Lawless actually hated working on that show: hated the costumes, hated the dialogue, hated the fight scenes. When it’s suggested that boarding a sea vessel and climbing its nearly 200-foot tower with messages about injustice sounds like exactly something the Warrior Princess would do, Lawless is curt: “I’m not Xena. She’s not me. I was just doing a gig.” She’s not up there as Xena, with the winds whipping around her head and peanuts and freeze-dried space food to eat, some water to drink, and a few hammocks for six people. She’s up there as a 43-year-old mom scared for her kids, and roiling mad. 

via Lucy Lawless—a.k.a Xena the Warrior Princess—Occupies a Shell Oil Drilling Ship | Mother Jones.

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  1. Xena isn’t the only thing Lucy Lawless has starred in, there was this advert too…

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