On the benefits of #macroblogging, observing a #Twitter stupidity, and the return of #stopshortening

Previously I’ve written up what macroblogging is and why I am doing it
and I’ve even had some coverage from my pal Chris Adams – but here’s a graph showing a trend and although even I admit that one can argue and nitpick stats – are more hits occurring because of macroblogging or because I post more to my blog? – the growth in weekly hit rate does make me happy.

And I blog more, and I blog happier, and I don’t feel the pain of trying to crush communications into 140-character pseudo-SMS any more; occasionally Twitter suckers me back in, but as soon as I hit the 140-char boundary I know there’s a problem.

Oh, and another thing: the 140-char limit is made worse when Twitter’s URL-shortener t.co eats 14 of your 140 characters because you typed in a 7 character (or less) hostname that Twitter thinks must be a URL:

So one extra letter has a 7-character penalty, just because Twitter’s attempt at establishing a business model means they have to track anything that looks even remotely like a URL, corrupt your tweet and pass that corruption onto Facebook and other channels that suck data from your Twitter feed.

That’s pretty crappy.

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