How to have an epic day…

  1. Buy new tyres as a belated-but-relevant gift for god/less/son.
  2. Buy lots of meat.
  3. Visit. Fit tyres, spend afternoon overhauling bike, identify future requirements.
  4. Return home.
  5. Starter: Pickled garlic, pickled chilis, fresh parmesan slices, French butter, oatcakes.
  6. Glass Minervois.
  7. Chicken roasting in oven w/ lemon, spuds and half-peeled shallots.
  8. Pork belly strips in fridge, awaiting future experimentation.
  9. Enjoy watching recently erased Sony VAIO trying fruitlessly to boot Windows.

Next up: roast chicken dinner, then movie…

2 Replies to “How to have an epic day…”

    1. @Simon – well there certainly are near-endless reboots, lots of whirring, and much effort to no end at all other than updating itself, so I would agree…

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