More on #Android #GPS #cycle applications: #Maverick failage & Google “My Tracks”

So I’ve tried Maverick now (Lite edition) and I really want to like it… it’s pretty, uses both GPS and Wireless locators, and it’s turned me on to the idea that Open Maps actually can be more useful than Google Streetmaps (largely because some of them show footpaths).

However from the cyclist viewpoint there is one really huge downside – it is far far far too easy to cancel track recording, and in fact I’d go so far as to suggest that sometimes recording cancels itself. There’s an overly-user-friendly set of control buttons at the bottom of the app screen, and one of them is a “Rec” (record) button.

Brush it by accident and poof you are no longer recording your track.

So the 11.5 mile ride I’ve just done? Only the first third of it is recorded, and the remainder I have no idea what happened to that track. I am certain that I rechecked the state of the record button several times during the ride, so fuck knows but an app which loses data is not an app I want to use.

Sorry guys, #fail – though I may use it for reference while out riding.

Next up to try will be Google My Tracks, which appears to have been written by a bunch of nerds at Google, is GPS-only, but has a very definite idea that recording should be switched on-and-off via a Menu system…

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