My new communications strategy: Let clarity become the new brevity and Twitter become a channel

Update: manifesto is here, first year’s results here

In case it’s not been obvious: to a first approximation I have stopped Tweeting; I engage, respond to questions and use DMs (etc) – but since early January I have imposed a few extra rules on myself:

  1. If it’s worth a tweet, it’s worth a short blogpost or longer
  2. If it’s a RT-with-own-commentary, then ditto it becomes a blogpost
  3. I unilaterally declare it to be acceptable to have a blogpost with a ~120 character title and minimal content, where req’d

On top of this is my existing infrastructure:

  1. All blogposts are automatically tweeted from WordPress into my Twitter feed via the TwitterTools plugin, which automatically adds a bitly link back to my blogposts
  2. My tweetstream then gets mirrored into LinkedIn and Facebook

All in all this is a return to the basics of blogging – but what an effect: in the past fortnight the traffic to my blog has trebled – plus I have a lot more space for opinion (no more 140-character limits) and am inclined to blog a lot more because I’m not diluting my… anger? … drive to write? … whatever … by dint of spwng it acrs a hndfl of sqshed tweets n wch nbdy rds.

So I blog more, write better, and am getting a lot more comment feedback as well – the majority of which goes into the blog’s comments which means people come back to the blog, and start reading that more. It’s been so successful I have to take the blog down this weekend to fully enable WP-SuperCache so I can keep up with the load.

This is because it’s increasingly apparent that the 140-character limit of Twitter is a vestigial hangover from SMS, and is something which even Twitter themselves are not honouring – see their new shortlinking process. As such Twitter is essentially a microblog that sucks creativity and content away from my blog, so now I am reclaiming that and will be using Twitter as a RSS analogue instead.

Let clarity become the new brevity – smartphones and 3G (or better) are prevalent enough now that people can get at any content cheaply, and if the majority (?) of tweets link to other content then why should I post that content to Twitter rather than my site?

The wheel turns again…

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  1. My old blog was an outline written in an outliner. My current blog is a series of essays written and published in WordPress. I went to Twitter because it was like my old blog, and had similar leverage. Now I want to take my current blog back in the old pre-Twitter direction. Good to see you’re moving the same way.

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