A small set of negative reviews for #Android #GPS #Cycling applications

So far…

  • Strava: This apes a commercial GPS by putting up a interminable splash screen (“Do not use while you are driving, we assume you are an idiot and will sue us, yadda”) – and frankly I cannot be arsed.
  • iMapMyRide+: a shorter splash screen, and then it wants you to sign up and/or log in with Facebook. No, I will not do that.
  • runkeeper: is for runners. It appears to be doing crap that I don’t want, and will not tell you about their website unless you log in. No, I will not do that.

This should not be hard – all I want is for a high precision GPS track to get remembered once I set it going, export to something I can upload into Google, and not clash with GoogleMaps so I can see where I am. Perhaps resettable max/min speeds and so forth.

Will try “GPS Logger for Android”.

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    1. Not tried that yet; another geek (on FB) recommended Maverick which looks quite sweet, and uses OpenStreetMap or similar, including footpath information. I’ll be giving that a whirl…

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