Of murder rates and death penalties…

2008/9: 648 – “20 year low

2009/10: 619 – “lowest for 12 years” (Huh?)

Stats for 2010/11 do not seem to be out at the moment.

Analysing claims that “the murder rate has doubled since the end of the death penalty”

Short version: the stats aren’t available for like-to-like comparison, maybe it’s risen but one can’t really be sure given how murder used to be recorded. Also you can clearly spot Harold Shipman in the 2002 figures, as explained:

Whereas before 1998 multiple murders were considered as a single incident, afterwards each death was considered seperately. In 2002, the figures included the 173 murders committed by Harold Shipman, whereas if these had been committed in 1964, they would have only counted as one incident for the purposes of the Home Office statistics.

How many times would one hang Shipman to make up for that?

Would it make everyone feel better?

Sorry Guido, no dice.

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  1. I agree. I’ll never support the death penalty. It would be a massive retrograde step if it was ever re introduced.

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