A New Role for Muffett: Surevine

For general distribution: I have taken on a major new commitment, a role at Surevine as Security Officer and Consultant; Surevine are a UK company who… well, let me just quote:

Surevine design, build and deliver secure Social intranet, extranet and Internet solutions for UK Central Government, other public sector organisations and the commercial sector. We unite tools like Social Networks, Blogging Platforms, Instant Messenger and Wikis, and bring them into a safe, trusted environment inside your firewall.

…but the thing that’s really kick-ass and is a huge lever for my wanting to work with Surevine is that they get open source – the team takes, works with, and improves open-source software that meets customer needs, and then it gives improvements back to the community and is really serious about that community participation being part of the company’s ethos, plus it believes that through open-source software it can provide better-than-proprietary solutions for its customers.

As well as working for Surevine, I retain Green Lane Security and shall continue to do odd bits of specialist consulting and public speaking, blogging and podcasting – and for the purposes of transparency I will be making sure to declare my interests wherever relevant (something of which this posting is part).

However I’m really excited about this company and these people. Good stuff will be forthcoming! 🙂

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  1. Happy New Job, squire – sounds like you’ve found a good bunch of folk to work with, and the role and company’s context looks like an interesting new road for you to head down. Best of British!

  2. Sounds like a great place with great ideas and people – right up your street. Congratulations.

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