“The Friday Feed: Wikileaks, Firesheep, and Government Interception” #unscrewingsecurity @computerworlduk

The Friday Feed: Wikileaks, Firesheep, and Government Interception

Loose ends for the week ending 29 October 2010

Cloud Computing Considered Subversive

Earlier this week I noted that WikiLeaks was using Amazon’s EC2 Cloud Computing servers for distribution of the Iraq War Logs; some argued that it was strange to host the data on US servers – as if putting the data near the people who will download it was a radical, brave, or possibly subversive maneuver. A day later Netcraft reported that some (not all) of WikiLeaks US-based EC2 servers had gone. Insinuations are being made that WikiLeaks may have been “hounded out of the US” – as if de-provisioning of servers when you no longer needed them was only likely to be done under coercion from government authority.

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