Atholl Brose – Oh My God It’s So Yummy! (recipe included)

This evening I made Atholl Brose – and, oh my god this is good stuff; forget drinks like Bailey’s and all that artificial crap, this blows them away.

The recipe is on the Wikipedia page, but to paraphrase:

The oatmeal brose is prepared by steeping a volume of porridge oats overnight in three times as much cold water, then straining off the liquid and discarding the oatmeal.

Then blend until smooth:

  • 7 parts oatmeal brose
  • 7 parts whisky
  • 5 parts cream
  • 1 part honey

I actually steeped a mug of (Quaker) Porridge Oats in 3 mugs of water for four days, in a tupperware bowl in the fridge, stirring/shaking occasionally to keep it mixed; then after a final shake I strained-off the oats through a fine mesh sieve; the WP page says to use muslin but that’s probably only required if you start with totally sawdusty porridge.

Since this was an experiment I blended it with cooking whisky – Jameson single malt – plus real rich double cream, and a cheap but good-quality clear runny honey. I eyeballed the 7/7/(5+1) proportions using an espresso cup as a small measure – 1 brose + 1 whisky + dollop honey topped-up nearly-full with cream – and whisked the result in a bowl until silky.

The result is fantastic – white, aromatic, creamy, smooth, sweet, unctious. Really there’s no adequate description other than that this is a wonderful drink – pudding / dessertlike, comforting-ish, but without vile oily stickyness.

The potential for variety is enormous – what whisky, what honey, what cream; having established that the process works eventually I want to try a scots heather honey with organic cream and a real malt, rather than this irish muck with the curious spelling.

But for the meantime there’s plenty of raw brose left in the fridge 🙂

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  1. That does sound rather fun – might have a go myself :-).

    As you say, there’s very significant opportunity for variation; given the very clement weather we’re having right now, if you’re going for a heather honey, I’d be inclined to reduce the cream a bit and go with a light Lowland malt (I’m thinking Auchentoshan). I think the result, would be excellent to take for a sit in the garden.

    1. It’s definitely a drink for the setting sun. 🙂

      I’ve been browsing the web for other recipes, there are a lot that involve toasting the oats – which means the recipe’s been confused with Cranachan somehow; also found one with egg whites, god knows where that came from.

      I may try whipping the cream a bit thicker next time, but not too much.

  2. sounds a bit wintry…. The toasted oats would lent more ‘weight’ and ‘texture’ to the oat broth is my guess.

  3. I bought some Atholl Brose when I was first in Edinburgh, after noticing that its name matched a Cocteau Twins song. They used to have it in the whisky shops, though they seem to have stopped carrying it a while ago, at least in the London one.

  4. Indeed, a scottish malt should be used in the receipe, rather than an Irish Malt, which should be used as a chaser to Guinness (or Murphys), whilst sat beside a fire whilst welcoming in the Irish Summer.

  5. Mind you I was still trying to welcome in the Irish Summer in September last year, green for a reason… So I moved to New Zealand just in time for winter…. Grass grows all year around for a reason….. Bring on the summer….

  6. My English brother in law, once removed?….err second brother in law? brother in law in waiting???……My wife’s brother in law!

    Being an upstanding senior Royal Naval Officer (met the Queen and all that, wink, wink) decided to demolish more than one bottle of this stuff at a new year party of ours one night. No one else got any, and if that’s the state of our 007 candidates…..God help us!!!!!

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