How to follow Facebook and Livejournal using Feedreaders, and thereby recover some privacy

If, like me, you are trying to live “off-grid” from FaceBook and/or LiveJournal, one good option is a feed-reader.

These subversive software tools are supported by most major silo websites and (to varying extents) permit you to download huge gobs of data for later perusal, online and/or offline.

The silos don’t like them because there is reduced opportunity to advertise things to you when you’re offline.

I’ve set up my feedreaders (NetNewsWire on Mac, Liferea on Ubuntu) to suck-down my Facebook feeds, and will be setting it up for my few remaining Livejournal friends in a moment.

Kudos to JWZ for the info.

I don’t use GoogleReader at the moment, ever since it went “social” so that one inadvertent click could end up sharing whatever you’re looking at with gazillions of people; that’s an invitation for disaster if ever I’ve heard one – there are people “following” me, and people I am “sharing” with, and I have no idea if those two mean the same thing.

Welcome to the future, folks – after “cloud computing” will come “managable computing” – or perhaps “local, sustainable computing” – featuring “asocial software” like feed-readers and mines. As Mathias Baert’s (CORRECTION: Adriana Lukas’) tag line for #themineproject has it: If you wanna be social, go somewhere else.

The obvious joke about not using CPU cycles sourced from third-world sweatshops, I’ll leave for you to ponder for yourselves. 🙂

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  1. can’t wait for “lanikai” release. oops my thunderbird reader has eat 8gb of my hd.. #joke #hatethereferrer

  2. Actually, that’s my tagline. I cointed why explaining to Mathias why it’s ok for comments on an object left by two different people won’t be visible to them – each person commenting will only see the comments they left and the ones by the Mine! owner.

    I summed it up by saying, well, if you want to be social, go somewhere else. This made Mathias laugh and suggest a t-shirt with the slogan: “The Mine! project – if you want to be social, go somewhere else.” Been looking for a good place to have them made. 🙂

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