Why I am Purging my Facebook Profile

I’m not deleting my Facebook – not yet, anyway. I have too many friends who use FB exclusively, and a large number who choose to comment on my blogposts via Facebook Wall Postings rather than on my blog itself.

However I am paring-away as much information as I can from my Facebook page, moving towards a “it’s only on there if it is insanely well known”; I am also “unliking” all the pages I liked, and deleting applications. No games, no pokes, maybe a few event invitations, but that’s about all I will be using.

Why? Well, read the following for the answers:

…and most especially:

I feel that FB are eating themselves, trying to become what AOL failed to achieve by locking people into the stack – not so much being a cloud as a Ma-Bell global utility, but without the regulation.

Fie on them – this is the Internet, they can be a channel to my blog, or they can go screw themselves.

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  1. I think the only real solution here is to replace the wrong design for internet data sharing –a website — with a protocol such that the end users all can control their own data sharing policies. I’m starting to look into this.

  2. Interesting – I thought I had deleted my account over a year ago. It was just deactivated. I reactivated it and deleted it using a link in the first article.

    Thanks 🙂


  3. When Facebook was originally taking off, I received several invitations to join.

    I took a look at their policies, thought “no, thanks”, and never did.

  4. I just did the same thing. I can’t quite bring myself to blow away the account completely — its very convenient for sharing pictures and learning what people are planning for the weekend and like you there are a number of people on there that I don’ t have any other communication path with.

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