The “UK Leadership Debate”

I think what will happen is pretty simple:

It doesn’t matter how many people think “Nick Clegg won”, what will happen is that most people will go to the polling booth, see the voting card, see Nick Clegg’s (or whomever’s) name is not on it… then after this (what a kernel engineer would call a) “page miss experience” they will re-parse the voting card and then vote for whatever party they would have voted for anyway.

I predict an uptick for the Lib-Dems in terms of awareness – enough people to perhaps to raise their percentage of the vote from 22-ish to 27-ish leading to a post-election PR paroxysm of “why do the Lib Dems only have 12% of the seats, then?” debate, for a few weeks, until “I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here” restarts.

Truth is, though: 647 of the 650 constituencies will not in fact (and should not, in theory) be voting for the people we saw on TV last night.

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