UPDATE: Fixing The Outmoded Swapping And Paging Strategy in OSX?

I wrote about a new method for improving OSX performance by means of a dedicated swap partition done right – there’s a bunch of misinformation out there on the net, but I’ve tried to avoid repeating the mistakes made elsewhere – and… people requested an update.


I now admin two machines that use this techniques, one owned by Adriana who hammers her MacBook Air like nobody I’ve ever met – and the consensus is that it’s a good thing to do, with a marvellous performance benefit.

I need to update the installation guide with a couple of tweaks – it makes sense to size the partition to contain an integer number of 1073741824-byte files (ie: allow multiple 1Gb files, but allowing space for filesystem metadata too) – but overall I commend the method to the macintosh geeksphere.

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